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2023 Alumni

Ayadi Mishra.png

Ayadi Mishra

Gabriella D'cruz.png

Gabriella D'cruz

KG Sreeja.png

KG Sreeja

Neha Naikwade.png

Neha Naikwade

Sara Bardhan.png

Sara Bardhan

Meet our 2023 alumni who spearheaded and shaped the collective to promote women-inclusive climate action, leaving a profound impact on the Indian climate landscape. 

Divya Hegde.png

Divya Hegde

Heeta Lakhani.png

Heeta Lakhani

Medha Priya.png

Medha Priya

Nidhi Pant.png

Nidhi Pant

Simran Kapoor.png

Simran Kapoor

Elsie Gabriel.png

Elsie Gabriel

Hina Saifi.png

Hina Saifi

Neelima Mishra.png

Neelima Mishra

Pragnya Seapati.png

Pragnya Senapati

Sneha Shahi.png

Sneha Shahi

Varsha Raikwar.png

Varsha Raikwar

Hear straight from our leader, Ayadi Mishra on her

experience with the Women Climate Collective, 2023 edition.

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