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A movement
driven by women,
for women.

About the 2024 Programme

Launched in 2023, the Women Climate Collective, 2024 edition will focus on selecting 20 young women with promising climate action work, and providing them with an opportunity to develop their climate leadership skills and access greater visibility in India.

Our Offerings:

  1. Exclusive Training Program

  2. Media and Visibility Opportunities

  3. Access to International and National events

  4. Guidance by Industry stalwarts and our esteemed Alumni

Hear straight from our leader, Ayadi Mishra on her

experience with the Women Climate Collective, 2023 edition.

Setting Context

Climate change is disrupting our lives, our societies and our economies, impacting the most vulnerable populations and amplifying existing gender inequalities. According to the UN, women are 14 times more likely than men to die during natural disasters. Climate change poses threats to women and girls’  livelihoods, health, and safety. 


However, women are often underrepresented when it comes to decision making around climate solutions.

Women need to be involved in designing and implementing climate response actions to ensure the equal sharing of benefits.

About Us

About the

Women Climate Collective is a collective of women working in the climate and/or gender ecosystem. We believe that we as women must be given the opportunity to be involved in designing and implementing climate response actions to ensure the equal sharing of benefits.


When women have the voice they deserve, they have the capacity to create a more sustainable and more inclusive world.

We’re coming together to empower women-inclusive climate action in India.

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Issue Areas



Collective Members

Our Champions

Meet our
2023 Leaders

Our collective will be spearheaded by a group of inspiring women climate leaders from different states across India. They work on a diverse range of issues spanning from clean energy solutions, marine conservation to sustainable urban planning.

Ayadi Mishra.png

Ayadi Mishra

Gabriella D'cruz.png

Gabriella D'cruz

KG Sreeja.png

KG Sreeja

Neha Naikwade.png

Neha Naikwade

Sara Bardhan.png

Sara Bardhan

Divya Hegde.png

Divya Hegde

Heeta Lakhani.png

Heeta Lakhani

Medha Priya.png

Medha Priya

Nidhi Pant.png

Nidhi Pant

Simran Kapoor.png

Simran Kapoor

Elsie Gabriel.png

Elsie Gabriel

Hina Saifi.png

Hina Saifi

Neelima Mishra.png

Neelima Mishra

Pragnya Seapati.png

Pragnya Senapati

Sneha Shahi.png

Sneha Shahi

Varsha Raikwar.png

Varsha Raikwar

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